NMC: Nursing & Midwifery Council

Capturing interaction was the key to the photographs the highly respected government council was looking for. Interaction was sought between midwives and women (antenatal, during labour and birth and post-natal), midwives and (newborn) babies, midwives and families. The photographs needed also to be in both hospital and community settings, and included homes also.

I took a residency in Portsmouth Trust, travelling around a variety of hospitals, Midwifery-led units and surgeries. To gain the trust of mothers, midwives and families at this very crucial and sensitive time was a skill that needed to shine throughout this commission. Three births were gained during this residency. The NMC collectively were presented a bank of 500+ very unique images which they are using in all NMC promotional materials. Recent publications include the prestigious government funded Midwifery 2020 Project and the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report for Wales.