Commissioning Process

The public sector is about real people and engaging them using documentary, artistic imagery should become an essential part of your communication strategy. Quality documentary photography by an experienced photographer can very specifically demonstrate a given ethos or message. Photography’s direct and powerful qualities can generate immediate engagement to an extensive and diverse audience.

Carefully considered commissioned photography is an investment that is as important as your new product, department, business or facility; it can captivate, educate, attract and promote. A single image can communicate a thousand words.

How to commission?

Commissioning your own unique set of images can allow you to publish freely, including literature, promotion materials, training tools, environmental and presswork.

There are many factors to consider, such as framework, time, budget and ownership rights – part of the commission process is to work and plan with your photographer to decide the most suitable strategy; be open to ideas. Costs vary largely for copyright usage and ownership.

Please contact us with any objectives or ideas you may have. Quotes and communication is without obligation; commissioning your own photographer may take as little as half-a-day’s photography.